Tar Tar Charity was conceived by our Founder as a monthly initiative to reach the less privileged with healthy meals.

Through this monthly exercise we are lucky to also empower our staff through their regular exposure to the immense poverty experienced in other localities within Abuja.
Since our official opening on the 19th of August we have engaged in monthly distraction exercises to communities around Abuja who need not only food, but smiles and acts of kindness from total strangers.

Our company, staff and management inclusive have therefore committed to supplying at least 100 packages of food, water and care packages monthly to identifies communities across the country.

We have learned through this process that “good” is relative and as much as being good puts smiles on the faces of others, it also gives us the satisfaction to continue doing amazing work while cooking fantastic food for our customers.

We look forward to putting more smiles on the faces of these children, fathers and mothers in these rural communities.